Meridian, MS


2012 Taylor Medalist

B.S. in Chemistry, University of Mississippi, 2013

B.A. in Biology, University of Mississippi, 2013

B.A. in Mathematics, University of Mississippi, 2013

Honors Thesis


Research Interests

My research interest consisted of studying the intermolecular interactions between an ionic liquid (IL) and water, methanol, or other substances of interest. To study the interactions between an IL and other substances, we employed a vacuum sample chamber that not only keeps the hygroscopic ionic liquid in a controlled environment but also allows the addition of another susbtance, such as water, by inducing a vapor of this substance and allowing it to deposit onto the IL in the chamber. The raman spectra of the system in this chamber is then taken and interpreted to yield information about the intermolecular interactions.



J. Golden, K. Cuellar, C. Hussey, G. Tschumper, and N. Hammer, “Effects of Micro-Solvation on Room Temperature Ionic Liquids,” 2012 Mississippi State EPSCoR Meeting, Oxford, MS, April 2012.

Career Goals